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ERP Experts Survey | TEC 2019
Welcome to the Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) 2019 ERP Experts Survey!

TEC’s mission is to provide expertise on the enterprise software industry through thought leadership, data, and consulting. In our ERP Experts Survey we recently invited other industry experts to provide their views on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software landscape. The goal was to gather a cross-section of insights that will help companies of all sizes make informed decisions on ERP software.

We thank our community of respondents for their time and expertise, and our own ERP experts for their participation and analysis.

We invite you to explore and share the results!

Survey Design and Participant Profiles

The survey was constructed by various staff at TEC. In particular, Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst, and Predrag (PJ) Jakovljevic, Principal Analyst, provided subject matter expertise.

We ran the survey through November 2018 and hand-picked the invitees for their credentials. It was completed by 39 ERP experts from across North America (20 analysts/consultants and 19 vendors).

Some of our questions were open-ended, while others presented a list of possible responses and asked the experts to pick their top choices. But in all cases, we provided an open opportunity for respondents to comment upon or qualify their answers.

ERP Experts Survey | TEC 2019
Part One:

Emerging ERP Technology and Trends

Emerging ERP Technology and Trends provides experts’ opinions on trends in technology and the changes they’re forging in the ERP landscape, including predictions for 2019.

Part Two:

Expert ERP Project Advice from A-Z

Expert ERP Project Advice from A-Z covers opinions and benchmarks for everything from ERP budgeting to selecting, implementing, and maximizing your investment in new ERP software.

Questions? Comments? Wish to join TEC’s community of experts?