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TEC Talks’ October 2020 Webinar Series

In October 2020, TEC talked with Sage, NetSuite, Infor, and Godlan during a four-part webinar series. We held candid discussions around big business topics such as digital transformation, cloud software and ERP systems in the manufacturing industry.

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About the TEC Talks Webinars

Each of the TEC Talks webinars that were hosted in October 2020 delivered real-world insight to business software users. We held candid conversations about emerging technologies, looked at products on the market, and brought software selection and digital transformation down to earth. Register now and watch TEC’s analysts, various leading vendors, resellers, and other thought leaders talk about how technology can conquer business challenges and sharpen your competitive edge.

Free Bonus TEC Consultation

Participants who attended three or more of the live webinars were invited to a free two-hour consultation with TEC. These consultations discuss any issue related to enterprise software and their organizations. If you may not have had the opportunity to attend at least 3 of the webinars in the series, but would still like to benefit for the free consultation with TEC & the presenting Vendor(s), contact us for details.